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Grand Prize Winning Entry is from Stephanie Trimble about her mom Carole Schrader

I would like you to please consider my mother, Carole Schrader, for the contest prize.  My mom grew up in a household with an alcoholic and abusive father.  It escalated through the years to the point where she and her mother and siblings would have to hide all of the knives in the house. Unfortunately, my mother was also married to a man who became an abusive alcoholic.  After divorcing him, she became a force to be reckoned with. She was a single mother with three children and worked a full-time job to provide for her family. Years later she got married again- this time to a good, hard-working man. Even though we didn’t have much money, my mom worked a swing-shift job so she would be able to put me through college.  To this day, she is a humble person and lives a simple life. Mother’s Day is particularly hard for my mom, because on Christmas Eve 2001 she lost her mother when she was struck by a car crossing the street to go to Christmas Eve mass.  In December of this past year her husband became very ill and was very near death.  She traveled every single day to be by his side, fed him when he wasn’t able to feed himself, changed his feces-filled diapers when he lost control of his bowels, and wiped his tears when he cried. Through it all, she never complained, never asked for anything for herself, and never gave up hope.  Six weeks later we found out that she had been walking on a broken ankle the entire time, and didn’t complain about the pain because she was putting others first, just like she had her entire life.  I would love to see her be recognized for the wonderful person that she is.  It would be nice for her to be pampered a bit for once in her life.  I’m sure there are other mothers out there who are equally deserving of this prize, but I sincerely hope you will consider my mom:  my inspiration and my rock.  Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and thank you for offering this
prize to a wonderful, deserving woman.

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