Schedule a Mammogram

Mammography screening remains the best available method to detect breast cancer early. However, no medical test is always 100 percent accurate, and mammography is no exception. Research is under way to improve the technology to lead to better accuracy and to create new technologies.

It is important for women to practice the elements of good breast health. It is suggested women:

  • Obtain regular mammography screening starting at the age of 40
  • Obtain annual clinical breast exams
  • Perform monthly breast-self exams
  • Obtain a risk assessment from a physician

SOURCE: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October 2- Drew & the Crew

Guests Andrea Bertram, Director of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health and Susan Krum, CRNP
Learn about the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health, services available, and the importance of having a mammogram. Plus, you’ll get to know Susan Krum, the Center’s new CRNP.

October 3

Cookin' Men at Susquehanna Valley Country Club 6–8 pm

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October 9- Drew & the Crew

Guest Billie Jo Day, Breast Health Specialist/Nurse Navigator at the Center for Breast Health
As a nurse navigator, Billie Jo will explain how she works with women one on one to help them through diagnosis and treatment.

October 15

Winner announced of Paint the Valley Pink at 8:30 AM on the Drew & The Crew morning show on WQKX on October 15th

October 16- Drew & the Crew

Guests Bradley Mudge, DO, FACS and Clint Stetler, PT, CLT

What can a patient expect after diagnosis? Dr. Mudge and Mr. Stetler will explain the varying levels of surgery that could be required, and will touch on the topic of lymphedema.

October 17th -

Talk with the Doc: Dr. Turner Presents Early Breast Cancer Detection Saves Lives Click to see press release

October 18

"80s and '90s Party at Front Street Station 8pm-12pm

October 23- Drew & the Crew

Guest John Turner, MD, FACS

When should you have a mammogram? Dr. Turner will discuss why there are varying opinions out there about when you should have mammograms and why the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health encourages women to follow the American Cancer Society guidelines.

October 30- Drew & the Crew

Guests Raymond and Becky Minium

Raymond, joined by his wife, will share his story as a male patient with breast cancer. The couple will talk about the treatment they received at the Center for Breast Health and how they hope to make other men aware of the possibility of breast cancer