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  Rob will help you wake up every morning beginning at 5AM with the Rock and Roll Morning Show!    You'll get all the news you need with Mark Lawrence, and Accu-Weather will keep you updated on the day's forecast.     You'll also be able to catch weekly comedy breaks, rock news and rock history, Movie Mike's reviews of the newest DVD releases and the new movies in theaters, celebrity birthdays and more!     Rob also helps get your workday started with the 107 Minute SuperSet, with the most music to start your workday!    To see Rob's bio, click on his name above!


  Shawn will help you through the workday with the second half of the 107-Minute Superset. Lunchtime with Shawn will keep you entertained while you take a break for lunch.  Click on his name for more about Shawn Carey!

As the afternoon gets here, join Lynn for the last few hours of your workday.   She'll keep those Seven Song Supersets going every hour and will crank up the Rock and Roll with the 5 O'Clock Attitude Adjustment - No Slow Stuff allowed for your drive home.   You'll also catch all the latest news, sports and weather with Eagle 107 Headline Updates all afternoon.   Then on Fridays, Lynn kicks off the Block Party Weekend at 3PM!
  Codi plays the most rock n' roll on the radio through the weekends and evenings. If you're home, in the car or working second or third shift, Codi will entertain you with 7 Song Supersets and the best Classic Rock news and notes.