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I've been here at Sunbury Broadcasting for almost 19 years now, so I thought it would be a good idea change around my bio a bit.  So here goes...


You probably already know by now that I was born and raised in Northeast Philly, beginning in 1965 when our neighborhood was more of a bunch of house placed on farmland than a city block.   We could leave the doors unlocked, we could play tag until long after dark without fear of anything bad happening, it was a very innocent time indeed.   Long before Facebook or the internet or even cable TV, since Philadelphia wasn't wired for cable until long after I'd left there.   So as a kid I had seven channels to choose from!

On the radio front, I've worked at the following stations.  You can probably find out more about then here on the internet than I could ever tell you so here are the call letters, beginning with my college station...WCUC, WSBG, WVPO, WDNH, WWCC, WKOK, WQKX, WEGH, WVLY and WMLP. 

Nowadays I'm living in Northumberland with my beautiful wife Shelby, and we'll be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year!   When they say time flies they aren't kidding!   We have a cute dog named Daisy that pretty much everybody in town knows by now, and we've gotten to know so many people I call our daily walks the "treat trip" since she knows which houses have folks who give her treats when they see her.   More people know my dog's name than mine...that's weird.

My Dad lives in England with his second wife in a little city called Harrogate.  If you go due north from London on the map, eventually you'll get to the North Yorkshire section of Great Britain and Harrogate is nestled nicely in that area.   Dad loves it over there, being the only American in that area makes him kind of a sensation.   The only problem with him being over there is that he's five hours ahead of us here on the east coast and it's hard to get together for phone calls with the times being so askew.  

With the arrival of fall comes the arrival of my sitting on my butt watching the Philadelphia Eagles every weekend!   Not to mention Penn State on Saturdays.    My favorite season of the year!










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