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Shawn Carey
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Just like John Mellencamp's "Small Town," I was born here and I'll die here.  I've always loved Central Pennsylvania.  We really do live in a special place. 

The "radio bug" hit me while stuck at home with the flu in 1979.  It was the day Three Mile Island was in the news.  I was truly impressed by what an impact radio had on me that day and how it continues to shape our lives.  News on cable back then wasn't as "instant" like it is now. 

My first radio gig, was in June 1983, babysitting the equipment on Sunday mornings and running religious shows at my hometown station, WBPZ-AM in Lock Haven, Pa.  The FM station in the building changed format from country to rock-n-roll in 1986.  That gave me my first opportunity to slam the jams on "Zoo 92!"

In 1990, I turned into a vampire for a few years while doing overnights in Williamsport.  Eventually, I saw the light, literally, and moved up to the late afternoon shift.

I've been here at Sunbury Broadcasting since May 1995, and then returned in the Spring of 2004. 

This company's tradition and track record are incredible.  If you don't believe me, please take a few minutes and read about our history.  You'll be just as impressed as I am.  It is my pleasure to spend time with you and playing "Rock N' Roll for Adults" everyday!! 


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